Monday, September 10, 2007

Radcliffe Observatory

Radcliffe Observatory was founded at Oxford University in 1772. It is known by that name as it was founded by the Radcliffe Trustees, after John Radcliffe
The observatory building commenced to designs by Henry Keene in 1772, based on the Tower of the Winds in Athens, it took 2 years to complete.
Because of the viewing conditions, weather, and urban development at Oxford, the observatory was moved to South Africa in 1939. The building is now used by Green College off the Woodstock Road and forms a centrepiece for the college. The original instruments are located in the Museum of the History of Science in central Oxford.

What is this building facing? It looks like it is on a grand estate?


Radman said...

wouldnt this make a lovely residence?

Clueless in Boston said...

Interesting building, and nice shot.

Are some of those bas reliefs related to astronomical signs of the zodiac?