Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Drink and Drive

Do you think we are giving the right Drink Driving message out when you pull into the service station and see these large advertising messages shaped like beer bottles announcing that the service station sells beer??


Jules said...

I agree - not the best of ideas!!!!
As long as they take it home and drink it it would be ok but it does look very refreshing and it is warm day - who could be blamed for ripping the top off????

Percy - you asked for my email adress and I emailed you - did you get it??
I am very curious!!!!

Pedp said...

Hmmm... it does seem rather questionable doesn't it. And it's Carling. :-)

Good to see a RouteMaster bus- was it in private use or are there some routes in Oxford that are graced by them?

Planet Earth Daily Photo

Clueless in Boston said...

Mixed messages? Juxtaposition of advertising symbols? I guess that's capitalism, but it is funny. Love the double decker in the shot.

Mike said...

Nice to see they are in use somewhere. Nice shot, well captured!