Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Beginnings of Fall

I took the bus to church this morning because I didn't realize Botley Rd. was a walkable thoroughfare (I should have know since people here walk every where). I'm still getting used to the bus system so I opted to walk back to my house from Botley Primary School, where Calvary Chapel Oxford meets. Oxford has been having phenomenal summer weather, but today I could feel the first hints of fall creeping in. What I couldn't capture in this photo of Botley Rd. was the cool breeze, the crunching of fallen leaves, and the sweet smell of autumn.
Also, I'm very excited to be a part of Oxford Daily Photo. I appreciate Percy letting me do this for a few weeks.


Radman said...

welcome. You used an interesting turn of a phrase "the sweet smell of autumn". In the DC area yesterday, it got down to 62. i was driving with my daughter and she said to me "i like the smell of autumn". i always assoicated autumn visually, but apparently you and my daughter smell it. cheers.

Emily said...

I'm originally from the LA area so my heightened nasal sensitivity to changing seasons may be due to the lack of actual seasons in Southern California.