Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oxford Kabab Vans

The Kebab Vans in Oxford are very well known to people all over the UK. I had a distant relitive who I meet up with a few years ago when he found out that I was living in Oxford, he did not mention the University, or any of Oxford other attractions he asked, 'Do they still have those great Kebab Vans in Oxford'
These vans appear at dusk and trade well into the night. There is even a website listing them all have a look, this one on the Botley Road close to the train station an YHA.

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Unknown said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for linking to our website. We like your picture of the Botley Kebab van so much that we'd love to stick it on our Kebab Vans page (with a credit and link to your site, which we also love!). Would that be ok? Please let us know at info'at' !
Thanks :)
Su Jordan