Thursday, December 01, 2011

Helen and Douglas Christmas Shop Open

A very local charity in Oxford, Helen and Douglas House, which runs the worlds first purpose built hospice for children and young adults in Oxford, has opened a special Christmas Shop in Summertown. The store is right next to the charities permanent store in Banbury Road.

Apart from these stores, the charity has a number of fundraising events in and around Oxford during the year, and one of the most popular one will happen on Sunday the 11th of December, and it will be the Santa's Fun Run. Oxford will see over 1000 runners in Santa Suits on this Sunday Morning, completing the short 2 miles route in the city centre.

If anyone would like to support this run, I would like to advertise and promote a good friend of mine, Hannah, who is going take part in Santa's On The Run on Sunday. I have not asked for donations in the past on this site, I would like to have taken part in this event myself, but when I tried to register this morning they had reached the numbers limited to the event. So please if you can spare a couple of pounds for a very good cause, please use this link to Hannah's fund-raising page, she is part of the New Theatre Team, and she is hoping to raise £100 for the Charity. I will try and get a nice photo of Hannah in the Santa run for the 11th photo.


Anna Sonata said...

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James Rowley said...

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