Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Feet Two Backwards

Spotted this a couple of days ago as I was driving past, but was not sure if the poster was put in the wrong way or if I was seeing things, so this morning I walked past to get a closer look. It is in the wrong way, easily done I can imagine if you are replacing 100's of posters a day, maybe this for the last of the day. What do they say about never buying a new car that has the production date of a Friday?


Keirdre said...

Easily done? Surely posters aren't printed in reverse on the back. It looks too clear to be a "looking through the paper to the other side" mistake!

Pmatwiy said...

Posters are, indeed, printed double sided to facilitate their being lit from behind. Any movie poster you see that has a white back is a "reprint" and not an original release poster.

Keirdre said...

I did not know that! Very interesting - thanks for the reply.