Monday, January 30, 2012

The Grapes Has Closed

The last night at The Grapes in George Street was Saturday Night and it was full of regulars who have been concerned that the new brewery that will take over the premises today, Bath Ales, will change the sole of this very popular pub. The bar was full most of the night and got a little wild towards the end of the night. Most in the pub on Saturday night are hoping that Bath Ales will not change the place too much, but they are not convinced from what they have heard, some are concerned that it will not continue to be the pub that staff and actors from the New Theatre across the road visit after shows.


Steffe said...

Lets hope for the best. Cheers!

Pmatwiy said...

Looks like a responsible new brewery, but one never knows. The beers, at least, will change. Will have to make it a point to stop by this summer and see.