Thursday, December 08, 2011

Champagne On The Train

This afternoon as I boarded my train back to Oxford, this is what was at my seat, and no I did not drink any of it. Two empty bottles of Champagne with two glasses, but no passengers, the whole carriage was empty. Not sure where the couple who must have been celebrating got on or off, all as I know is that they must have had a nice train journey. That's the Thames in the background I took the photo just as we where arriving into the Oxford Station.

Don't forget if you are able to donate to the Helen And Douglas House Santa's On The Run event, please do so via Hannah's link, and thanks if you have donated. Have a look at Fridayspost for more information about this charity, Hannah is hoping to raise £100 for Helen and Douglas House, but I am hoping she will be able to raise more with a little help from Oxford Daily Photo.

1 comment:

Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

A merry time. Thought I would not like to think what they might have paid for this if bought on the train.