Thursday, August 25, 2011

O'Neill's Irish Pub Closed

O'Neill's on George Street has closed, but only temporality as there is going to be a large revamp of this pub. From what the signage outside is saying this refit should be finished on the 22nd of September when O'Neill's is planning to reopen. However from what I have heard on the street, it is going to be like the old O'Neill's as the live music and partying element of this pub is going and it will be more of a dining/restaurant pub, which is a shame because they would get a fe good bands playing on the weekend in O'Neill's. Anyway we will have to wait and see what the new place will be like on the 22nd of September.

Good News, I have found the same camera that I broke on eBay and have won it, so I should be back with clearer photo's soon, I was going to say better, but I am not sure about that..


brattcat said...

good news about the camera.

Paul said...

We have an O'Neills and I sometimes eat there and enjoy a pint if I am in the Leeds city centre in the early evening. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire photography