Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oddbins Gone In Summertown

Recently the Oddbin chain of wine stores went in to liquidation across the UK, which could have of spelt the end of the wine store on the corner of South Parade and Banbury Road in Summertown. How ever the store was sold to Excellar a London based independent wine merchant with a few stores in London and one in Paris. The store looks very simular to the Oddbin store that was here last time I was in the area. I am not sure what has happened to the other Oddbin stores in Oxford, however I will have a look when I am next in the area.


Paul said...

Good to see the store open rather than closed for good. I always quite liked oddbins, though not been in one in some time. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photography

Michael said...

interesting - will have to check that one out. I passed both the High St. and the Little Clarendon St branches of Odd Bins in the last couple of days and both were still trading as Odd Bins. Not sure where the sale of the chain is at, right now.