Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Delays Likely On Merton Street

Never seen this warning sign before around the Examination School. It is Exam time in Oxford at the moment, and they have put this sign up, because it is tradition that once you have finished your exams and come out the back of the building you are showered with food etc from your mates. This attracts a large crowd twice a day in Merton Street, with 100's of people waiting to attack the leaving students with confetti, streamers, glitter, food, any anything that will stick to you as you have your final exam.

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Jeff said...

Hi Percy

Your right about students being met and decorated in Merton St when they finish their exams, but it's not twice a day. ALL students enter and leave Schools for their exams via the marquee in the Quod, opposite Eastgate Hotel and there might be 800 in the street on busy days.