Friday, June 10, 2011

Christ Church College Regal Flag

As we all know today is the Duke of Edinburgh's 90th Birthday, and on any special Royal anniversary or date, Christ Church College always flay a different flag from there college. I can only assume that it is a flag of Royal connection to the college as it is only flown on days of Royal importance, most other days this space is reserved for the College Flag. I have tried to find out the history behind this flag have failed to do so, so I am hoping a reader will be able to help me out. Closer image here.
Oh, and Happy Birthday Your Royal Highness.


Pmatwiy said...

Perhaps it is the second, Royal foundation of Christ Church that prompts this response. Beautiful picture of a grand day in Oxford. Anyone fancy a pint at the Head of the River?

Leif Hagen said...

Quite the grandiose building! I love the architectural details.
Happy Birthday to his Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh!

Redlemur said...

I've only just come across this post about the flag flying on Christ Church College on the day of the Duke of Edinburgh's 90th birthday. It appears to be the Royal Banner of King Henry IV as seen near the bottom of the list of flags here . The college was apparently re-founded as Christ Church College by Henry VIII in 1546 and since the dates shown for the Henry IV's standard are 1406 to 1603 then it was presumably also the Royal Standard of Henry VIII.

Dave Williams of Hyde, Cheshire