Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A stately home in Oxford

Sorry for the late update - you'll get another picture today to make up for me having plain forgotten I was supposed to be updating yesterday.

I'm afraid that my week as guest photographer won't have a particular theme, although I have toyed with the idea with following on from the seven virtues with a week of seven deadly sins in Oxford. If I were doing that, today's photo would serve well for the sin of Pride. Headington Hill Hall is currently occupied by Oxford Brookes Univerisity, and houses the law department there, but I am by no means suggesting that lawyers are a prideful bunch. The reason it would fit in with such a theme is that this was the former seat of press baron Robert Maxwell, and taking this photo twenty years ago would probably have resulted in my unfortunate ejection from the grounds. It's odd to think that there's a stately home like this within the borders of Oxford, but at least the fact that it is part of the university means that it now serves the public good.

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Petrea said...

It's quite a house and I like your shot of it, looking up from among the twigs.