Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Death in a graveyard

I said in my last post that I don't have a theme for you, but my photos of Oxford tend to be based around the theme of the hidden Oxford - bits and bobs that are part of what makes the city unique, and yet wouldn't necessarily appear in an image search.

This picture is of the cemetery of the Church of St. Mary and St. John in Cowley, taken from Leopold Street. I found the image of these dead trees in a graveyard to be strangely evocative. I took other pictures of the graveyard, including one of a memorial for someone who had died only last year, but they seemed too personal to share. I felt as though I would be betraying a trust, despite the fact most of the graves there are old enough that no-one living is likely to remember the person.

On the other side of the graveyard is a notice indicating the council's intent to ban dog walkers from the graveyard, due to antisocial use of dogs in the area. I'm not sure how you use dogs antisocially, but I guess it won't be happening for much longer.

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Steffe said...

I have photographed a few graves and just like you it feels better if they are a bit old.