Saturday, February 19, 2011

Residents Rally To Have Tank & Cars Removed From Street

Following yesterdays photo of the tank in St Peter's Avenue sent in by reader GMc, I was contacted by another reader who invited me up to St Peters Avenue this afternoon where a gathering of local residents was taking place objecting to the number of cars and tanks being parked on there street.
About 50 people from this normally quiet street gathered around the tank expressing there frustration to the local press about the number of cars, trailers and the tank that one resident has parked in the street.
Apart from being an eye sore, the number of old cars, vans, trailers and now the tank are taking up valuable space that these families would like to use to park there cars which they use on a daily basis. Additional photo here.
What do you think? Should one resident of a street be allowed to park old cars, trailers, vans and now a tank on a residential street which is stopped others from parking?

This tank story is going big, see more stories in other press here:


Petrea said...

Welcome back, Percy.

Any idea what the tank is there for?

Pmatwiy said...

Sounds like they have an auto-hoarder on the street. Hopefully when they visit the house, it's not full of newspapers and cats.

keapar said...

This might be splitting hairs, but strictly speaking it's not a tank. Going back 50 odd years to my days of collecting dinky toys I'd say it was a bren carrier, but it's probably not one of those either. It doesn't make any difference really since the main problem with tracked vehicles is the damage the tracks can potentially cause to the road, and so it doesn't really matter what you call them.

Dave Williams of Hyde, Cheshire

Paul said...

Keapar is correct, this looks like FV 434 "Carrier, Maintenance, Full Tracked", nothing like a tank, except some rather thin armour plate and tracks. Having spent a little time in both a 432 APC and also Chieftain MBT their is around 40 tons weight difference. Though of course the main difference is the serious rifled tank gun on the MBT capable of throwing a heavy shell 8,000m. Paul @ Leeds daily photo