Friday, February 18, 2011

Old Tank In Wolvercote

Living in Oxford you do see a lot of different things, like this old tank just parked up on a side street in a residential area in Wolvercote. Not exactly sure why it is there, but it is a little bit out of place I would think, perhaps it is going to a military reenactment? Bet the residents of Wolvercote where surprised to see this parked in the street! Thanks to reader GMc for sending this photo in.


Steffe said...

The driver probably forgot something at home and figured I could drive home in this!

Leif Hagen said...

Well, I hope you won't be needing a TANK any time soon.....

bernadette said...

Hi Percy,

Just stumbled on your blog.Very nice pictures. We have lots of pictures of Oxford within a 5 km radius of the Carfax tower so feel free if you want to use them from time to time to show aerial views of bits of Oxford too. Have a look at the oxford page on our web site