Monday, January 10, 2011

Electric Car Charging Points In Oxford

I was reading an article on the BBC about an experiment with an electric Mini, which are made in Oxford, Brian Milligan from the BBC is hoping to drive and electric car from London to Edinburgh. This got me thinking about the charging points in Oxford, and did we have any? Well after having a look around a couple of the car parks and calling the City Council, I can tell you we have two charging points in the City Centre. This one is at the Worcester Street Car Park, the other is in the Westgate Shopping Centre car park on the second level. They are all lit up with these blue LED lights. Unfortunately OCC will charge you to park in the car park while you are recharging, not sure that is right? I did not see any cars recharging when I walked past.

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Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

I saw something about this on TV - not sure when the program is on - seems it will take a long time to drive from London - Edinburgh - first stop is Milton Keynes.