Thursday, June 03, 2010

Rocky Horror Picture Show Dress Up In Oxford

First of all I must say thanks to Tim for posting great shots of Oxford while I was out of town, and he may not have know it but the photo from Saturday with the colourful rowers was the 1000th photo posted on Oxford Daily Photo, and I love that shot.
This week at the New Theatre in George Street they have a week long run of The Rocky Horror Show, and if you are in the area just before the show starts you will see alot of the show goers all dressed up. You can occasionally see people in George Street dressed unconventionally but to see 100's dressed up as transvestites had me stumped until I saw them all going to the Theatre. The show has had very good reviews in the local press, contact the box office if you are wanting to see the show, if you get dressed up email me a photo.

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