Saturday, May 29, 2010

How colourful can a boat be?

Percy is away for a few days so I will be posting again until he's back. Today (Saturday) was the last day of summer eights week. As a hobby photographer I quite enjoyed these four days. Especially the first three with lots of sun, exciting rowing races and interesting outfits from some of the eights. I don't know whether these suits made the boys from St. John's College row faster but they certainly attracted my attention on Wednesday. I must admit that it wasn't easy to choose what picture I would post from the hundreds I made at the river bank during this week. Why I picked this one, I don't know really. I could have pick the fastest boat, but I decide to go for the most colourful one I guess.

P.s. if you like to see some more pictures from summer eights week 2010, just let me know so I can publish some of them elsewhere on the internet.


Anna said...

It certainly made the race more impressive, I guess. And I would really like to see the other photos, if it is possible.

Tim said...

Thanks for your comment Anna, I will let you know asap when and where I will post them online.

That is the chicken said...

That is very cool! What a great idea those guys modern art.