Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Gloucester Green Wednesday Market

Good evening everybody, Percy has asked me to help him out this week and of course I said yes to his request. This evening I took a picture at Gloucester Green. As you can see everything is ready for Wednesday's food market. I always buy my fruits and vegetables at this market for the whole week. I'll probably be thinking tonight about what to eat this week so that I'll know what to buy tomorrow. The stalls will stay at the square for another day after tomorrow because there will be an antiques market on Thursday. As I will be posting a couple of times this week, is there anyone who has suggestions or requests for some of my next posts?


Toronto Blog said...

Hey Tim.
I would love to see some more pictures of some of the old bridges around Oxford.

Tim said...

Thanks for your tip Clayton, I will try to post some tomorrow. Hope the weather will be good, otherwise I will remember your request and post it later! Thanks again.