Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Almost beaten by a squirrel

I was hoping the weather would be as nice as yesterday because I wanted to go to University Parks today but unfortunately it wasn't. It didn't prevented me from going and I have to say that I don't regret my choice. I couldn't choose what picture to post so I made another compilation with things that I found interesting. You can cleary see that Spring is coming in University Parks because of the snowdrops and the fact that the University Parks staff are working hard to prepare the Parks for the new season. At the rear of the Park you can see that the river Cherwell has a very high water level at this moment. I haven't seen it this high since I live in Oxford. The little fellow at the left corner on my picture almost drove me nuts today. It took me about 10 minutes to make a picture of him. When I was standing left from the tree he moved to the right, and when I moved to the right he moved to the left side! We kept on playing this game for a couple of minutes and I was thinking:"look at yourself, at 25 you're playing a game with a squirrel who is about to beat you". Luckily for me he had a weak moment, probably because he saw some nuts.....

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