Friday, February 16, 2007

Sir James Murray OED

Around Oxford you will see Blue Plaques on homes where people who help shape Oxford once lived. You can see these plaques in many places around the UK, this one at Sir James Murray’s former house on the Banbury Road was one of the first in Oxford. You can see that it is all blue with white lettering, most of the other in the City have a white boarder, not sure why this one is different?

Anything addressed to ‘Mr Murray, Oxford’ would always find its way to him, and such was the volume of post sent by Murray and his team that the Post Office erected a special post box outside Murray’s house at his request..

Murray continued his work on the dictionary, age and failing health doing nothing to diminish his enthusiasm for the work he had devoted much of his life to, the Oxford English Dictionary. He died on 26th July 1915 and is buried in Oxford.

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