Monday, January 08, 2007

Easter Poster

It has happened again, the Billboard on the corner of South Parade and Woodstock Road has been changed. As promised I have put this on as today’s photo, I think I might create a separate Blog just for all the posters put on this Billboard. Easter Already, have we not just had Christmas?


Matthieu said...

Happy new year ! I also published a shot of an old ad on Cherbourg-Octeville daily photo blog.

I post a message on your blog today, as a report was broadcast on a French program during the TV news on 01/08/2006 at 8pm. The report was about a luxurious hotel in Oxford, which is set in a former prison. You can watch the report online here The label is this one : "Grande- Bretagne : une prison ancienne transformée en hôtel de luxe à Oxford 20h26m23s".

the chickens' auntie said...

I'd look forward to a blog of the changes to this billboard. Easter in January . . .how absurd!