Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Missing Bean Turl Street

An indépendant coffee store in the heart of student land, Turl Street.  I recently read in the local student newspaper that the council did not provide them with a very high hygiene rating.  I have been in a couple of times when I can get a seat and the standard of the coffee was very good, so I am not sure what they failed to meet the mark on.  It is always very busy!


Richard said...

Oh dear!! It scored 1 out of 5:


There is endless fun to be had on the scores on the doors website and app.

Rebekah Dowd said...

Love your blog; it helps me stay connected to Oxford. I am a past visiting student from America, so when I see familiar landmarks from my Oxford days, it brings back lovely memories. Keep up the posts and photos, please!