Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fox And Hound Has Gone

All over the country local pubs are being pulled down and replaced with flats or in a lot of cases, TESCO or Sainsbury's Local stores.  Soon Britain will be know not as it has been in the past for having nice friendly local pubs in every village, for the for the number of mini supermarkets it has. I feel that pubs and churches are being replaced with these mini out posts of the giant supermarkets in greater numbers that we think.  This old pub on the Abingdon Road is being replaced with a TESCO.


Unknown said...

Welcome to the new world. This has been happening in America for decades. A lot of beautiful 200-year-old homes and inns have been pulled down to put up mini-marts with their associated petrol stations. Shame to hear it’s happening there as well.

zzapper said...

With a slight deviation from my normal route from Abingdon to Oxford I can now pass 6 Tescos