Monday, April 29, 2013

Oxford Crown Post Office Forsale

I am not sure this explains everything about what the Post Office staff had taken industrial action today do you?  The Post Office are trying to sell or close down a large percentage of the Crown Offices in city centres, these are the Post Offices that "WE" own.  Why are they doing this, for a quick profit as most of the offices are in prime locations and the Post Office own these properties outright.

Congratulations to the 100's of Post Office staff how have decided to stand up for the public and the great British institution in trying to save out Post Offices! And not having had a pay rise in over two years I am sure helped get everyone out.

Out of all the countries in the world no one has successfully privatised the Post Office or the delivery of post, not even in the greatest free market country on earth, the USA is the Post Office private, so why is this government hell bent privatisation?

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june in florida said...

The United states Post office is private and are billions in debt. They are also closing local post offices and trying to do away with Saturday delivery.