Friday, December 28, 2012

River Thames Flooding At Shillingford

I am breaking my own rules of all photo's on this blog are within 5 km's of Carfax, I am sorry.  In the 5 years that I have been doing this photo blog of Oxford I think this will be only the second time I have taken and posted a photo further than the 5 km's.
I was in Wallingford this afternoon and on the way back into Oxford I stopped off at the Bridge Hotel next to the Shillingford Bridge to have a look at the flooding of the Thames in this area.  The River is very high at the moment, as you can see from this photo.  The boat is moored along side what would have been the normal river bank, and the building on is on the other side of the River Thames.  The river is flowing very fast at the moment, and I have a couple of additional photo's and a video on the making of site, here.
I know that the residents along Abingdon Road have been given sandbags last night as the water was rising along this area of Oxford, so we are all hoping for no more rain over night.

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Paul B said...

Many years back I lived not far from here and used to pass through Shillingford quite regularly. The rainfall this year has been crazy, I drove a couple of days past a similar scene here in Yorkshire but oddly I was in a friends car on a errand with no camera.