Friday, October 12, 2012

Not That Early In St Aldate's

The mornings are starting to get darker and darker now, so much so that it is still dark when I am going to work in the morning.  Trying to get a few early morning shots before heading off, not that good with low light it is a case of keep trying.  Lots of delivery trucks around this time of the morning trying to get unloaded before the parking inspectors and traffic restrictions start I guess.


TheChieftess said...

Interesting shot!!! I like the motion!!!

Paul B said...

Its not easy delivering to stores in our towns and cities, most of them have no deliveries perhaps between 10 am and 4 pm. I love pedestrian areas in our cities but they create another problem for the drivers of delivery trucks. Nice feel of motion in this pic.

CYMetro said...

Your got a Bule & Green citro bus its was on an X2 service run by Thames Travel