Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mole Holes In The Church Yard

I was in North Hinskey this afternoon and could not help but notice all the little mole holes around the church yard at St Laurence Church.  I am not sure if moles are more active at this time of the year or if I have not noticed them about before.  I have never ever seen a mole in the real, but I have seen where they have been.  Anyone having Mole problems at the moment?


june in florida said...

We have the same type of holes in our backyard but ours are from Armadillo's, real ankle twisters though.

Paul B said...

Whoa, I think I will stick with moles given that armadillos are the alternative. I have not seen a live mole since I was a teenager. It always amazes me how industrious they seem tearing across a field or lawn.
Paul @ Leeds photography in Yorkshire