Monday, October 08, 2012

Advance Warning Oxford Half Marathon

Sorry for not posting the last week or so, I have been flat out at work and also training for this weekends Oxford Half Marathon.  This will be my first long run, and I was asked by the Oxford Association for the Blind (OAB) about two months ago if I would run for them and to help them raise needed funds for the charity.  I said yes, not really understanding how much work and time is needed to get yourself ready for an event.
I have set myself a couple of targets for this Marathon, the first is the most important and that is to raise £1000 for the OAB, I am on my way to this target but could do with a few more donations.  The second was to lose 12kg's in weight so that it would be easier to run this event, this I have achieved last week, so I am happy with that.  The third I will not know if I will achieve until Sunday, and that is to run the Oxford Half Marathon in under 2hours.
I do have an online donation page, and would like to post a link here, should any of the visitors to Oxford Daily Photo like to donate a couple of pounds to a local based charity who's goals are to assist with independent living to those who are blind in Oxfordshire. Thanks.

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