Sunday, August 12, 2012

Plain Leather Oxford Closed

Seeing a store like this really upsets me, a very unique Oxford business closed and the store sitting empty with the mail building up.  The sign over the store states Plain Leather Ltd Oxford Leathersmiths Since 1972.  Feel that the Oxford City Council who own the Covered Market maybe to blame as I was reading in the Oxford Times a few weeks ago that the council would be reviewing the amount of rent that the stall holders pay.  I love Oxford's independent stores, it makes the city unique, please don't loose this.


CYMetro said...

More Empty shops in oxford this is a sign of Superstores taking over its very sad to see little shops clouseing down and all we get in Oxford is Tesco and Poundland etc Just look at the Westgate centre it half empty. Oh well if you want better shops go to Reading or Milton Keynes!

Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

I too feel this kind of thing can only get worse if we do not make a stand. Personally I do try to use smaller family owned shops rather than the chains that are everywhere.

Maki said...

Walking through Oxford on Saturday, found that the Plain Leather Shop will re-open on Monday (3rd Sept 2012) in a larger shop on Turl Street in the old Past Times shop.