Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How Do That Repair River Banks?

Have you ever wondered how that repair the banks of the rivers, or the walls along the river?  If you have take a wonder along the Castle Mill Stream in Oxford behind Tidmarsh Lane and have a look at the work that is taking place at the moment.  These guys have been working in this area for about three weeks now, and they have a section of the stream drained so they can work in the area.  Very interesting to watch, but then again I can sit and watch other work for hours!


june in florida said...

Don't know how they keep water out of the basements.Houses here take in water if the ground isn't graded correctly, and they're not sitting in a river.

Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

Leeds like Oxford has both a canal and a major river running through it and I have often wondered about this. I have never managed to be around whenever work like this is going on though.