Monday, July 02, 2012

All Bike Rides End In Oxford

Not taken today, sorry guys, this photo was taken yesterday, I was originally going to post this photo yesterday however I posted the more typical photo of the students watching the European Cup final.  So on Sunday if you saw a lot of bikes in the city both being ridden and also on tops or in side cars being transported away, that was because the park on Oxpens Road was the end of three cycle fundraising events.  They were the Bristol, London and Birmingham to Oxford Cycle Event, all ending in the park next the Ice Rink, so you can imagine how many bikes were around from about lunch time onwards.  The weather was nice, and this photo was taken from behind the finish line in the rest area, and I am sure those who did the rides appreciated this sunny rest area.

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Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

I think that they deserved a nice break. In all the years that I lived in the city it never occurred to me that I could ride a bike as far as Bristol, London and Birmingham .