Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Listed Building Removed Brick By Brick

I am not sure how true this is, I am going to post it any as it appeared that it could be right.  In Osney Lane just behind the Royal Mail office there is a vacant plot of land that has had a lot of activity recently, mainly removing rubbish and vegetation, looked like the owners where getting it ready to either develop or sell. Anyway everything was taken away apart from this little hut right at the entrance to the property.
This little hut I have been told was a listed building, and it was once a weighing station when the area was used as a cattle market, this again I am not sure.  Anyway the building has now been very carefully dismantled and packed up, and I was told is going to be rebuilt exactly as it was on a new site within the county, currently the scales are still on site, but I am assuming that they will also be moved to a new location.


june in florida said...

I think that may be part of the cattle market which operated every Wednesday on Oxpens which was established or moved there in 1932 and was still in business to about 1975.It was great fun,the cattle and sheep and pigs were bought and sold and across the street in a separate building the poultry was sold.There were stalls selling all kinds of clothes,vegetables,kitchen gadgets, anything and everything. I looked up "cattle market oxford" and was surprised how old an institution it was.

Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

The cattle market was here when I was living and at school in the city.