Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Hassan's Kebab Van

Oxford is famous for the number of Kebab Van's that come into the City centre after dark.  These van's provide quick cheap meals for those coming home late after a night out on the town.  Hannan's Kebab Van on Broad Street is very popular with students from the three college's on Turl Street as well as the two on Broad Street, a prime location in Oxford I would suggest.


CYMetro said...

.I would not eat from a Kebab Van in oxford becuse the guys who work in there are not very clean and they do not care about Food safety

Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

Personally I think that CYMetro comment would apply to many kebab places in most towns. Whenever there is a story in the local news about food hygiene it is almost always this kind of place. I am always surprised when using public loos how many men leave without washing their hands. I have recently started to ask them to hold the door for me, then I can exit without touching the handle!