Sunday, May 20, 2012

Notice From Thames Water

Noticed this large advert on the side of a house at the end of South Parade informing us that a couple of wet weeks may not be enough to counter the two years of dry weather.  Like the message, but I am not sure that everyone will agree. With all the rivers still high, why can't be store this water that is running away?


Pmatwiy said...

It takes a while to re-charge the groundwater and the aquifers. Does Oxfordshire have any reservoirs? Living here in California, I sympathize. It takes us a couple of years to recover from a prolonged drought.

Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

Oxfordshire does have reservoirs, I used to sail at the one at Farmoor many years back. I think here in the UK it is more to do with a lack of infrastructure than any real lack of water. Over the last 25 years or so many reservoirs have been sold off to property developers and over the same time the population has gone up. This situation has been I think predictable.