Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Sainsbury's Local In Summertown

Isn't it a shame that it was only just a couple of years ago that the lovely parade of shops in Summertown had a good range and variety of locally owned or independent stores.  Unfortunately all we have now, thanks to poor local councillor who will not stand up for local residents and business operators are, real estate agents, charity stores and chain supermarkets like the new Sainsbury's Local that opened this morning, were a newsagents and local wine merchant was traded.
I am not sure if local councillor Jean Fooks was at the opening, she normally tries to get herself in the paper at any opportunity mainly for small trivial things like a new park bench etc.  Knowing that there was so much opposition to this unnecessary addition to Summertown she may decided not to be at the opening and press launch.  This development could have been good for the local community had the councillors been creative.  Where's the Summertown Post Office?


CYMetro said...
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CYMetro said...

We do not need this Sainsburys in Summertown, There is a Tesco Express right next door to Sainsburys and also a Co-op and a M&S Simple food and also a five min bus ride up the road from Summertown their is a Big Sainsbury's Superstore in Kidlington why does Summertown need a Sainsburys Local any way? Is really sad that Tesso and Sainsburys are killing off our high streets.

StuckInABook said...

Good grief, another one? In the time I've lived in Oxford, which is only eight years, five or six new Tesco and Sainsbury's stores have opened.