Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy To Help ITV Filming In Oxford

Did anyone see this guy sitting in the Happy To Help box in front of Carfax Tower? When I first saw it I was thinking it was a new tourist information centre for the Summer, as you know we get a lot of visitors to Oxford during the Summer, but I was wrong.
See the black tent that looks to a workman shelter with the cones around it, there is a TV camera in there and a few more hidden around the place, as this whole set up was part of a new blooper/set up comedy show that is to be shown on ITV.  Now I am not sure what the show will be called, but I know that it have been filmed in a few locations around the country and it was in Oxford this week.  Not sure how successful it was with the weather we have been having.  Anyone know anymore about this programme?

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