Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Bratman Hits The Streets Of Oxford

I have seen a lot on the streets of Oxford since I began taking photo's for the Oxford Daily Photo Blog back in October 2006, wow that long ago!  This street vendor would have to be up their with the most unusual and also ingenious, it is a mobile BBQ on a back pack.  It is called Bratman, they are selling from the street, hot freshly cooked German Bratwurst sausage in a roll with a choice of sauce for £3. I think today was the launch of the business, and they were getting a lot of looks and interest.

You know Richard Branson started his Virgin empire not far from where this guy is standing now, so you never know Oxford this could be the start of the next big thing, I wish them success.  I had one for a late snack, very nice indeed.


brattcat said...

brattcat might relish a bratdog from the bratman.

Carol said...

How fast does the Bratmobile move? Can you catch Bratman easily?

bratman said...

hi Carol,

The bratmobile moves between units and services them as required. But it's always available for Superhero call out for tweet2eat runs!

Brat man is in town most days, if you can't find him tweet @bratmanuk or facebook bratmanuk and he'll come find you!!,

city said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.