Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drought This Summer In Oxford

I was reading in the Oxford Mail last week that we could be in for a tuff summer if the current drought continues. Water restrictions will be in place if the current predictions are correct, but why is this the case when it is always raining? This was Cornmarket this after, every other person had an umbrella and others had the typical "Oxford" thing to do when you don't have an umbrella, use a book. The forecast is rain for the rest of the week, so get those welly's out!


Julie said...

Adds an entire new definition to 'drought', doesn't it? I had read that England was in the grip of drought. Maybe an English drought is only relative. How come then, does Oxford get so much rain, as I don't think it is close to the coast.

Is it?

Pmatwiy said...

Here in California the issue is that, while it might be raining where you are, it may not be raining in the area from which your water supply is taken.