Monday, February 06, 2012

Queen Celebrating 60 Year Reign

The Royal Cypher of Queen Elizabeth which has been seen on Post Boxes for the last 60 years, pictured here in Queen Street Oxford. It was on this day in 1952 that our current Queen's father, George 6th died and Princess Elizabeth ascended to the throne to become Queen. All over Oxford today you could see the Union Flag flying from colleges and government buildings. This year there are plenty of events happening to mark this milestone, and I am sure you will see a few posted here.


Gunn said...

Well, congratulations to the Queen!
I guess most people would like to retire at her age. We saw her on the TV News tonight, celebrating in a kindergarden!:) I guess the big Royal family have celebrated too. Working 60 years non-stop is quite a long time!

Anyway, a very good choice of image for todays post!

Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

Nice image for this day. I find it incredible that The Queen has been such for the last 60 years. Duty and service are I think top of her list of qualities. Besides who would want President Blair or Brown, what a choice that would be.