Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Traditional Roasted Chestnuts In Queen Street

Just arrived this week, our very own Roasted Chestnut stall to make Oxford that little more festive. Gus, who must be the best roaster in the UK, as he has worked with a lot of movie company's and movie stars over the years just take a look at his website, has set up his stall in front of the Westgate Shopping Centre. Gus a really friendly guy, and it is great that the council are allowing street traders to come into the city to give Oxford that edge over other area's. I had a bag before taking his photo, was my first time having a roasted Chestnut, I must say they are very sweet.

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Paul @ Leeds DP said...

I love traditional chestnuts, not yet had any so far this season. Sadly I will most likely not catch Gus and his chestnuts. Love the pics with his customers, including that nice man Hugh Jackman.