Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Police Promote Bike Identification

Last year the police recorded 2023 stolen bikes in Oxford and only managed to to reunited 79 bikes stolen with there owners. With that figure in mind and the number of new students in Oxford this week, the police have been promoting placing a UV marking on your bike. This will assist in helping get your bike back should it become a victim of this popular crime in Oxford. This photo was taken outside the Oxford train station, there is a website in Oxford to report stolen bike on, called My Bike Been Nicked Oxford, which was set up by a resident who was feed up of his bike been stolen, which I think is a good idea.

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Paul said...

Very bad odds of getting your stolen bike back, so I guess this is a good idea. When I was younger I was and indeed still am a supporter of the police, but I do sometimes wonder what they are there for these days. You report something and they often just want to give you a crime number and thats it.
Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photography