Sunday, September 11, 2011

Magdalen College Oxford Open Doors

This weekend the Oxford Preservation Trust held there annual Oxford Open Doors event across the city. I love this event where most of the colleges, and other historic buildings open there doors to the public to wander in and have a look around. I like to visit places that I don't always have access to, and it is great for getting photo's for the blog. If you are visiting Oxford on this weekend you get a real bonus because you are able to access places that you would normally not be able to get to or have to pay to visit. This photo is of people enjoying Oxford Open Doors at Magdalen College this afternoon, it is a very popular event with locals and visitors.


Paul said...

As a boy we lived in one of the lesser known Oxford colleges, something that even now I can surprise people with. As a consequence I got to see quite a bit the university that most people do not. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photography

Jimmy said...

Never been there, but from what I hear and see, it must be an amazing place! :) Thank you for the photos.

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