Monday, September 19, 2011

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

As I am sure most of you will know, today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day and I was hoping to get a nice photo of a pirate for the blog today. I had the camera ready and did not see anything that I could use to work in with the day. The only thing that I saw that come close was a poster in HMV about a new Pirates Of The Caribbean DVD that was being promoted. I had just about given up and was thinking I would have to go back to HMV to take a photo of a poster. Just as I started walking up New Inn Hall Street at about 5pm, I come across 8 Pirates. I could not believe my eye's, I had to get a photo of these guys, who where really getting in to this very important international day. Well done.

Sorry David, you are right I saw 8 Pirates....


Steffe said...


David Mumford said...

I'm the guy on the right in the red socks! I was a Pirate Accountant!

I'm guessing the "7 Pirates" refers to everyone but me... because there's 8 of us here. Maths.

Jimmy said...

...dang it. I was getting ready for it. For like, four months, now. And I forgot. Arr, I be walkin' the plank, ye scurvy sea urchins! Ahaharr. :(

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