Saturday, September 03, 2011

International Beard Day

Today is International Beard Day, a day set aside to celebrate and appreciate all the greatness of the beard. When you walk around Oxford, you see a few beards but I feel there is a decline of the more traditional beard. I spotted Harry looking at the exhibition at the Oxford Castle and asked him if he knew about Beard Day, and he didn't but he was happy to have his photo snapped for the blog. What a great start to what I hope will be a great beard Harry has. There is an official song for this years International Beard Day, I have a like to it here. How many readers to this blog have beards?


Randy said...

Just a goatee here.

Winchester Daily Photos said...

No beards here fortunately, not the best look on a woman! My other half has grown one recently, I wonder if it was in honour of this day!

Academic Beards said...

Did you spot any professorial beards? We're always on the look out for those at Academic Beards.