Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oxford Bus Company Ticket Sales

Oxford as introduced a new "Oxford Key" for travel on any of the buses in Oxford which is great for those using any of Oxford great bus routes. If you need a weekly, monthly or yearly pass you can not get it on the buses anymore, which is the only inconvenience, you need to visit one of the company's outlets, like this one on the top floor of Debenham's Department store. I have had to get bus pass, but every time I visit this outlet there is always a very large line, however today I just had to bite the bullet and wait my turn and get my pass.


justsaying said...

Super helpful, I never knew this was here. And I've been living in Oxford for 10 months now.

CYMetro said...

Now COMS are made up a rip off Oxford SmartZone called CityZone you can use your pass only on buses run by Oxford Bus Company or Thames Travel not Stagecoach but you can still buy Oxford SmartZone passess