Sunday, August 07, 2011

Habitat Botley Closing Soon

It was announced last week that a majority of the stores in the Habitat chain were to close, including the Botley branch, with the lost of many jobs, the only branches to remain open are in London. I did not know when this store was to close, so as I needed a couple of things from my recent move decided to pop down and see what was left, and left the store empty handed as there was not a lot of stock left to be honest. I did see a notice in the window which said that the staff did not know when the store would finally close, they must have getting a lot of questions about that.

I do not get my internet connected for a week, so I am hoping I can keep posting via the coffee shop this week, please keep checking.

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Paul said...

It is a sad sign of the times. The Habitat store in Leeds is long gone, I used to shop there occasionally. They classed the newer one at Batley as being Leeds but that too will be history soon I guess.
Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photography