Saturday, July 02, 2011

Photo Shoot In Walton Street

Not sure what this is for or who the model was, but in Walton Street out the front of Daisies Florist there was a lot of activity. Anyone know more about this? They had the girl on the left just walk up and down for about 15mins, just in front of the store. Looks like a lot of people for a couple of photos?
Hay, Thanks Alex for the answer, I did not see that small detail on the sign, so it must be for Boden.


Alex said...

Presumabley for the clothes catalogue Boden, seeing what it says on the sign.

Paul said...

Well spotted Alex, not being a fashionista I missed that clue. Not sure I want a Hi Vis vest will large P on it, I prefer to blend in. Paul at Leeds daily photography