Thursday, July 28, 2011

British Love Red

Was in Little Clarendon Street today when I noticed all these red against the wall of this empty shop. Just when I was taking this photo I realised how much the British like this deep red colour. I am not sure why so many classic british designs are this colour red, apart from the mail box and MG in this photo, you have the telephone box and the old mini that are often seen in red. Any idea's?

Sorry for the couple of days that I missed posting, I have been a little pre occupied the last couple of weeks and also not been in Oxford due to work, but I am hoping I will be back on track now, and thanks for all the comments.


Tanya said...

not to mention the redcoats!

Paul said...

I like the look of this old roadster, I too have a roadster but mine is a smart car version and it is not red either. I am not sure about why red appears quite popular in this way. Paul at Leeds daily photo

Michael said...

Now if you turn the car around, the scene looks like this!

Redlemur said...

I think that some things are red (eg letter boxes and telephone boxes) because they stand out and thus are easier to find. The visibility aspect is why fire engines in most parts of the world are red. When international motor racing first started each country had its own colour and red was the colour for Italy. Most of the cars on the F1 circuit have now abandoned the old national colours, but Ferrari still stick to their traditional red. The MGB in this picture, being a British car, should really be green. I've seen somewhere that red is supposed to be an intimidating colour in a sporting context, and someone's worked out that football teams wearing red are statistically more successful than teams wearing any other colour, but of course it could just be that the better teams tend to wear red.

Dave Williams of Hyde, Cheshire

Pushpendra singh said...

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Maria Wegner said...

Red is a pretty good color, yes? Aside from the reasons already stated, most people perceive it as a color of passion and love. Those two ideas have a lot of appeal to the kid in us.

For cars, though, it helps create an image of both speed and power.
[Maria Wegner]

Dewey Setlak said...

You forgot the red brick wall, Percy ;) Anyway, I just couldn’t help but adore that sleek MGB. This car is particularly notable in vintage racing history. In 1965, it finished first in the Monte Carlo Rally, and it won the GT Category of the grueling Targa Florio in 1966. It truly is an emblem of British automobile innovation!

Dewey Setlak

Sebastian Gaydos said...

Red does look amazing on anything! From the telephone box to the old mini, the color stood out, especially on the red MGB. Cars painted red are usually good-looking and noticeable. It’s just like you can’t resist looking at it because of the color, you know?

@Sebastian Gaydos